Reasons to Install a Generator

Protect Your Food

Generators are a source of emergency power. If your home’s power goes out for any reason, your food faces the imminent threat of spoiling. Other than cramming a fridge full of food into a cooler, installing a standby generator is the best way to protect your food from decaying or getting moldy in a blackout.

Generators are Automatic

Don’t let a power interruption take you by surprise! TOM electric services will install an automatic generator to have your back when the lights go out. Thanks to their sophisticated sensors, these generators kick in within seconds of any outage – so there is no need for panic or chaos when that dreaded blackout happens. Enjoy peace of mind and reliable electricity with this effortless backup solution from TOM Electric Services!

The Convenience of a Generator

With an automatic electric generator, you can leave your worries behind in the face of a power shortage. TOM Electric Services will ensure that sensors detect any loss within moments of a blackout and swiftly transfer your home’s source to backup – ensuring no service interruptions for you! Reach out today for quality generator installation, EV home charger installation, a panel upgrade, and other electrical services.